Amateur Radio Transceivers

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In this section you will find information relating to some of my radio projects. Contents include pictures, modifications and service data for radios that I have owned or have worked on.

This web page has only been in existence for a few days so please take another look in February when there should be something of substance to read. Please report broken links, spelling mistakes, errors and bugs to the mail address shown on the home page.

Table of Contents

  • Ascom/RATS SE550 4m mobile
  • Burndept BE600 handheld
  • GE Rangr ex-New York Police Low Band VHF 6 metre 110 Watt mobile. Download the service manual for the 29 - 50 MHz bandsplit models. NB. This is the "Rangr" not the "Rangr 89" manual which is to be uploaded shortly.
  • Kenwood TM-531E 23 cm mobile
  • Kenwood TH-D7E 2m/70cm FM/packet/APRS handheld
  • Kenwood TM-710E 2m/70cm FM/packet/APRS mobile. Download a quide to the internal jumper settings for extended TX/RX, crossband repeater and Sky Command II
  • Kenwood TM-731E 6m/70cm/23cm FM mobile
  • Kenwood TS-780E 2m/70cm all mode
  • Kenwood TS-790E/TS-790A. Download the complete TS-790 service manual (38 Mb! PDF, right click and "Save Target As" to download) courtesy of G4IRX. More in-depth TS-790 information and discussion can be found at the Yahoo TS790 Group (moderated group, membership required).
  • Kenwood TS-2000E HF - 23 cm, all mode
  • Marconi RC690 ex-Home Office/ex-police 2m AM
  • Motorola HT600E, HT800, MT500, MT1000, MX1000 handhelds
  • Pye PF1, PF8 and PFX handhelds
  • Standard C510E 2m/70cm handheld
  • Standard C710 2m/70cm/23cm handheld
  • Tait T500 VHF Mobile
  • Tait T800 Series 1 and Series II UHF Repeaters
  • Yaesu FT-897D HF - 70 cm, all mode
  • Yaesu FT-911 23 cm handheld


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